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Committed to the Cause



Co-Chairperson & Treasurer

Laura was educated and earned her honours degree at the University of Western Ontario.
Working for several years in the private sector she furthered her financial education through the mutual funds course , financial advising and numerous courses through the banking institutions.
Laura has long been involved in helping charitable causes throughout Ontario such as Cerebral Palsy Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, and the United Way.
Laura was appointed as Director of Finance by the board of Directors and has proven to be professional, honest and a great communicator.
Toll Free: 1-844-323-4003



Co-Chairperson & Director of Resources

As a 20 – year retail veteran, Wendy Leveron has been actively involved in Promotional and Operation activities for a major Canadian retailer for the last 15 years. Wendy has extensive Marketing, Promotions and Communication experience as well as a Journalism background. During her retail tenure Wendy created and executed many promotional activities that generated over $80 million in additional revenue over a ten year period.
Wendy has also been involved in organizing and holding many charity event promotions as well as holding ticket sale drives including NHL Old-timers charity games and Help a Child Smile. With over four years experience working for various charitable organizations Wendy’s experiences will serve her well during her tenure on the Board of Directors of P.R.O.



Director ( Retired Police Officer)

Dan worked for the Sudbury Regional Police from 1969 to 1995. In 1996 he became a member of the Police Retiree’s of Ontario and was elected to the position of a Liaison officer. In 1997 he was elected to the position of director with the P.R.O. and was a valuable asset fulfilling all his duties expertly. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of the a Director and his knowledge and experience is greatly sought and appreciated.
Dan was appointed as the Director of the P.R.O. after the Passing of former President & CEO Barry Moyle.



Honorary Chairperson & Member Of Advisory Board

Walter Jackson retired with thirty one year’s service on the Toronto Police. Walter had a well rounded career with most of his service being in the downtown core of the city.
Walter was involved with the Toronto Police Association as a chief steward and after retiring was named the manager of the legal assistance plan and assisted all Toronto Police members facing legal proceedings/investigations.
Walter has been Actively involved with The Police Retirees of Ontario for the last ten years having served on many committees and the board of directors.



June of 1960 Joe left his stationary engineering job with Canada Packers and joined the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force. He was stationed in the old 17 Div. (now 32 Div) as a Probationary Constable. In 1966 Joe was transferred to the old 13 Division at Markham and London Streets where he worked in plainclothes.
In March of 1974, Joe was promoted to Detective and assigned to 51 Criminal Investigation Bureau. It was this same year that Joe an Staff Serfeant Geoff Hogg were honoured by the Toronto Board of Trade by being named Policemen of the Year.

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Steve served as Chairman of our board through most of 2013. His energy and vitality will be missed.

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Casey offered tremendous insight and a wealth of knowledge to our Board endeavours. He will be sadly missed

Police Car Lights
Police Cars


The Ontario policing community lost one of its most committed officers – and intriguing characters – in February when former police chief Barry Moyle passed away peacefully on Sunday, February 26th. He was 60.

Barry was educated at The University of Toronto in Police Management and sociology, The Royal Military College in Political Science and Ryerson University in Business and Accounting. He started his policing career in 1976 as a constable with Metro Toronto Police, where he spent 12 years with Toronto’s 13 Division. Rising quickly through the ranks, Barry worked his way up from uniform foot patrol to the criminal investigation bureau and eventually into a permanent role with the plain clothes office. In 1989, Barry moved on to the Owen Sound Police Service, serving as A/Sgt and continuing to develop the leadership skills required for the position that would help define his career: becoming the Chief of Police in Palmerston, Ontario.

At just 33-years-old, Barry became the youngest police chief in Ontario, and he quickly went to work establishing his reputation as an innovator for his creative ideas and proactive approach to policing. In his role Barry established Ontario’s first program of awarding “tickets” redeemable for treats to kids doing good deeds in the community, he began bicycle patrols in Palmerston and he was the first Chief in Ontario to lay the newly established charge of “sexual exploitation” on an accused school teacher. He also served on several committees with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police.

Retiring from the force in 1997, Barry’s next move was to establish an incredibly successful performance and event management business. However, his appetite for service eventually lead him out of retirement and into a new career as chief of security at SkyDome. That proved to be a stepping stone for another new career and another new uniform: at 49 years of age, Barry enlisted as a solider, becoming at the time the oldest person ever to be accepted by the Canadian military. He served as Emergency and Security Officer in Kandahar, where he worked alongside Canadian Joint Task Force commandos gathering intelligence from locals in surrounding villages.

In addition to his distinguished policing career, Barry also played a pivotal role in the ongoing activities of the Police Retirees of Ontario. Since joining the P.R.O. in 2005 Barry served as Director, Treasurer, Vice President, President and CEO. He was instrumental in the restructuring of the P.R.O., helping to bring new strategic vision and direction to the organization and enabling the organization to be more productive in its efforts to assist Police Services and disabled police retirees. He worked tirelessly to align the P.R.O. with many other charitable organizations. In addition, Barry created the Hero Bear project which through the P.R.O. has distributed more than 15,000 bears to organizations working with children facing traumatic situations.

“Barry’s commitment to policing and his contagious personality were such an incredible force of our Board of Directors,” said PRO co-chair Wendy Suso. “He loved nothing more than knowing he was offering solutions and providing to the communities that the Police Retirees of Ontario service.”

Barry is mourned by his wife Laura, children Holly (Ryan), Heather (John), Adam (Lindsey) and Aaron. Online condolences can still be made at

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